My Personal Commitment

My personal commitment is to focus on you and your needs, goals, and objectives. I help people create a sound strategy for the future focused on reducing debt, saving money, and protecting those things that are most valuable to you and your family. - Fia Yoshida

Financial Services

The most important purchase you’ll ever make.

Whether you need services for your personal, family, or business I have the experience to help you find the best choice for you. I am committed to providing you with the highest level of service at affordable prices.

Individual Insurance

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If no one depends on you financially, your path to financial security may be smoother than most. However, it also means that if the unforeseen were to happen, you may not have someone to rely on for support—financial or otherwise. Putting off the basics when you’re just starting out like reducing debt, starting a savings program and planning for retirement only makes things more difficult down the road. The sooner you start, the better off you are.

Family Insurance

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When you’re starting a family you face perhaps the most daunting financial pressures you’ll encounter at any stage of life. Expenses like a new home and young children weigh heavily, and you’re likely still early in your career, far from your peak earning potential. Meanwhile, you need to begin saving for the future: college for the kids, a nest egg for you and your spouse.

Business Supplemental

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A good benefits program is essential for attracting new employees and retaining current ones. Benefits like health and disability insurance and retirement plans are very desirable to employees, but they can also be costly to employers. There are also voluntary benefit programs that allow employees to purchase or increase their benefits themselves, often through automatic payroll deduction.


College Funding

With college cost increasing every year, the sooner you start the better.  Whether preparing to send the first - or fifth - child to college, many families can benefit from the help I provide.

Insurance Protection

The most important part of preparing for the future is protecting it. I help clients prepare for uncertainty, as they may live too long, die too soon or become disabled. They need products that can help them protect the life they’ve built.

Retirement Strategies

A major key to any financial strategy is preparing for retirement. I am able to offer people a variety of options to help them prepare for their leisure years.

Legacy Strategies

Without a personal legacy plan, the value of someone’s estate can be eroded by taxes, and the disposition of their assets may not be what they intended. Families need to be aware of this risk. I can work with them in funding legacy strategies that can include life insurance products. I'm here to supply you with the insurance you really need.

Business Solutions

Small to medium business owners need financial and insurance solutions for themselves and their employees, and they need to ensure the future security of their business. I can offer a variety of products and services to help them meet these needs.

Long-Term Care

A plan to cover long-term care expenses is often overlooked but can be a key component of a solid financial foundation. Although the need for long-term care may be far into the future for many people, the time to plan for it is now – to help ensure expenses are covered if and when extended care is needed.

Knowing and understanding these financial concepts can help you enjoy financial security.


Life Insurance: How much is enough?

How much life insurance coverage you need is based on a variety of factors including your:

  • Age

  • Health

  • Number of dependents

  • Income/current financial situation

Based on these considerations, a basic rule of thumb is to have enough life insurance to provide approximately 10 times your annual family income. For example, if your current household income is $50,000, you may want to consider having $500,000 in life insurance protection. That being said, there are many variables that can affect your life insurance needs.   

The six steps to Financial Independence

  1. Cash Flow - Manage current income and reduce expenses.

  2. Debt Management - Consolidate and eliminate debt.

  3. Emergency Fund - Save 3 to 6 months income. Prepare for unexpected expenses.

  4. Proper Protection - Protect against loss of income and protect family assets.

  5. Build Wealth - Outpace inflation and reduce taxes.

  6. Preserve Wealth - Reduce taxation and build family legacy.

Building your Emergency Fund

No matter how much you plan in life, the unexpected happens. To prepare for life’s little “disasters,” set up an emergency fund to help pay for any resulting expenses. To determine how much you should have in your emergency fund, consider setting aside at least three to six months of your income. 

Consider these potential expenses and scenarios:

  • Major car repairs

  • Major home repairs

  • Major appliance repairs or replacement

  • Elder care or long term care

  • Loss of job

  • Serious illness or hospitalization



My office is made up of highly trained experts committed to providing quality service for all your needs. We’re here to help you understand what the best choices are for your situation.  We commit ourselves to continuing education on insurance and finance products, strategies, and trends.  We also provide seminars for small to medium businesses to offer savings strategies and additional employee benefit options.

Financial Advisor and Specialist

No Family Left Behind

I see a future in which everyone has access to a financial education and a better chance to become financially secure and independent. My commitment is to help everyday families get the financial education, protection, and independence they need to pursue their dreams. My focus is to change lives by matching education with common financial tools and strategies.


Take the first step

I offer a complimentary financial needs analysis to get you started. It will help you understand how your current spending affects your savings and income goals. Together we will build a strong future for you and your family.

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